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Picture World ● Digital historical photographs related to Krasna, Akkerman, Bessarabia.
For the complete picture archive, with over 10,000 pictures, you need access data. If these are missing, please request new ones from Otto Riehl. Nur für Personen mit Abstammung von Krasna. Only for people with descent from Krasna.

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Rear, L-R: Sybilla Marte, Appolonia Marte, Kaspar Marte, all siblings to John Marte, herein.

Front, L-R: Lucia nee Marte Kuss, wife to Peter Kuss, herein, and sister to John Marte, herein;

Julianna nee Ziebart Marte, wife to John Marte, herein; Peter Kuss. All are of Prelate, SK, Canada.

Source: Sr. Philomena Marte

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