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L: Mr. and Mrs. Romanus Soehn. Romanus born 18 Aug 1894 Karamurat, Dobrudscha, Romania, died 23 Feb 1976 Denver, CO, USA.
Wife: Maria Eva Ruscheinski, born 11 Nov 1899 Karamurat, died 24 Jun 1994, Denver.
Her parents: Anton Ruscheinski and Magdalena Goetz.
R: Mr and Mrs. Aegidius Soehn/Saen. Aegidius born 30 Apr 1883 Karamurat, died 1 Jun 1967 Bienfait, SK, Canada,
Wife 1: Salomea Fahnrich, born in Karamurat, died 1908 or 1910, Karamurat.
Wife 2 (in photo): Veronica Friedrich, born 25 Dec 1893 Colelia, Dobrudscha, Romania, died 19 Nov 1967 Bienfait.
Her parents were Lambert Friedrich and Marina Gress. Photo taken late 1950's
Parents of Romanus and Aegidius: Matthias Söhn and Helena Bogolowski.

Source: Dean Sane, grandson to Aegidius

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